Risk Takers and History Makers

Celebrating The Voices Of Bedford's Women


January 2018 - October 2018 and beyond


Following the success of The Journey From Bunyan To The Brickworks project, on Monday 5th February 2018 a new partnership project between the John Bunyan Museum, The Bedford Chronicles and The Panacea Museum, made possible by funding from the Heritage Lottery, was officially launched.


Working with schools and the wider community, Risk Takers and History Makers, will share the stories of four women of Bedford over a 300yr period; women who fought and struggled against society and the government of the day for faith, justice or their beliefs. These important women in the history of Bedford are little known in the community, and the project will raise awareness of this lost heritage and raise their profiles in the community.


Each woman faced one or more of:
Sexism, Discrimination, Racism, Inequality, Misogyny

The project will highlight the stories of these women as well as other Bedford women and show how their actions broke through the barriers and social prejudices of their time. How they fought against a preconceived normality to become trailblazers for the women who were to follow them.


During times when women had no real voice or power, these women fought to make their voices heard.

It will also highlight the relevance of their stories for us all in the 21st Century and how women today are still fighting to gain equality in the modern world. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of 40% of women who met age and property qualifications being given the right to vote, and the 90th anniversary of universal suffrage.


At a time when women’s heritage will be brought into focus nationally, it is fitting to emphasis this and share the varied stories of Bedford women, whose stories have frequently been ignored.


The project will culminate in a two week exhibition hosted at both The Basement @ Bunyan Gallery and at The Panacea Museum. The exhibition will display artwork, sculptures, the book and installations created by students as part of the project. The exhibition will also host the film that is being shot as part of the project as well as a recording of the Community Choir which will be formed to sing a newly written song created by students.  


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Dates To Get Involved



January 2018 - School engagment begins




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